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Digital transformation

The second International Geodiversity Day provided IFPEN with an opportunity to highlight the partnerships...
Contribution of emerging digital technologies and the digital transformation to activities related to the underground environment.
Contact: Antoine BOUZIAT
Characterization, conceptualization and modeling of soil and underground formations, as well as the physical chemical processes that have influenced their properties...
Contact: Noalwenn SALLÉE
Development of equipment and methodologies, conduct of experiments on various scales...
Contact: Pascal MOUGIN
Development of fluid mechanics models from the local scale to the industrial system.
Contact: Myriam DARBOURET
IT development methods and environments, software architecture.
Contact: Mathieu FERAILLE
Understanding of multiphysical phenomena at play during transfer in porous media and the development of multi-scale models...
Contact: David TEIXEIRA
Accelerating the digital transformation for the subsurface industries: IFPEN launches the TELLUS Share community