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Water: resource management and treatment

Scientific and technical challenges associated with the management of industrial effluents and runoff water.
Contact: Marie-Hélène KLOPFFER
Characterization, conceptualization and modeling of soil and underground formations, as well as the physical chemical processes that have influenced their properties...
Contact: Noalwenn SALLÉE
Development of equipment and methodologies, conduct of experiments on various scales...
Contact: Jean-Marc LOMBARD
Understanding of multiphysical phenomena at play during transfer in porous media and the development of multi-scale models...
Contact: Frédéric ROGGERO
Characterizing and modeling the behavior of any type of complex fluid.
Contact: Christophe PREUX
Development of fluid mechanics models from the local scale to the industrial system.
Contact: Olivier VINCKÉ
Characterize the functional diversity of microbial ecosystems.
Contact: Simon POIRIER
Cutting-edge expertise and equipment in the fields of matter characterization, energy and recycling.
Contact: Nathalie SCHILDKNECHT
Understanding and quantification of physicochemical phenomena on ultra-small scales, using high-throughput and quantitative experimentation.
Contacts: Marie MARSIGLIA / Jalila BOUJLEL