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Characterization, conceptualization and modeling of soil and underground formations, as well as the physical chemical processes that have influenced their properties...
Contact: Noalwenn SALLÉE
Development of equipment and methodologies, conduct of experiments on various scales...
Contact: Pascal MOUGIN
Characterizing and modeling the behavior of any type of complex fluid.
Contact: Christophe PREUX
Specializes in the mechanics of structures (static, dynamic, instabilities), materials (behavior laws), and finite elements.
Contacts: Vivien ESNAULT
Development of fluid mechanics models from the local scale to the industrial system.
Contact: Myriam DARBOURET
Development of calculation tools and methods to access the thermodynamic behaviors of fluid and solid phases.
Contact: Véronique LACHET
Characterize the functional diversity of microbial ecosystems.
Contact: Simon POIRIER
IT development methods and environments, software architecture.
Contact: Mathieu FERAILLE
Innovative processes and sequences taking into account future requirements.
Contact: Mathieu PINAULT
Characterize and predict the reactivity of new reaction systems and modeling these systems.
Contact: Christophe BOYER