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Interactions between metallic, polymer and composite materials and aggressive liquid and/or gas environments.
Contact: Jean KITTEL
Scientific and technical challenges associated with the management of industrial effluents and runoff water.
Contact: Marie-Hélène KLOPFFER
Identify potential turbine anomalies, monitor turbine wear and predict the lifespan of the components, detect...
Contact: Martin GUITON
Contribution of emerging digital technologies and the digital transformation to activities related to the underground environment.
Contact: Antoine BOUZIAT
Characterization of samples that are diverse in nature using a broad range of analytical techniques to address the needs of different projects.
Contact: Maria-Fernanda ROMERO-SARMIENTO
Analysis of the different forms of organic and inorganic carbon present in soils.
Helping oil operators optimize their production strategy.
Contact: Myriam DARBOURET
Development of tools and conduct of study for windfarm design.
Contact: Adrià BORRAS NADAL