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Energy storage

Interactions between metallic, polymer and composite materials and aggressive liquid and/or gas environments.
Contact: Jean KITTEL
Development of fluid mechanics models from the local scale to the industrial system.
Contact: Myriam DARBOURET
IT development methods and environments, software architecture.
Contact: Mathieu FERAILLE
Innovative processes and sequences taking into account future requirements.
Contact: Mathieu PINAULT
Studies relating to transport phenomena in the broad sense (transfers, hydrodynamics).
Contact: Karine SURLA
Understanding and quantification of physicochemical phenomena on ultra-small scales, using high-throughput and quantitative experimentation.
Contacts: Marie MARSIGLIA / Jalila BOUJLEL
The agreement reflects a joint determination to develop collaborative research and innovation initiatives in the field of corrosion, a major energy transition challenge for more environmentally-friendly industrial production.